"The main principal of sustainable self-build is that the design process, project management, construction and maintenance can be controlled by individuals or groups who do not necessarily hold any specialist building or construction skills. This, combined with the option to use modern tools and technologies, makes sustainable building an immediately accessible option for everyone!"

Sustainable self-build techniques are a serious, rational and innovative response to some of the environmental challenges that face mankind in the 21st century. Sustainable construction has evolved from traditional and proven building methods and techniques and can be combined with the use of modern day tools and technologies.

In addition to environmental concerns, sustainable self-builds are a viable, safe and practical option to combat economic difficulties facing mankind today. Commonly constructed using natural, ecological and/or recycled materials that are cheap or often free, sustainable self-builds are both a desired and essential option worldwide.

Sustainable self-builds are not usually constructed with a commercial value or motivation in mind. They are usually built to meet the requirements of the individuals or groups wishing to use the build for its intended function. With this in mind, sustainable self-builds make ideal homes, educational centres, community spaces, art studios, etc.


Sustainable self-builds are a fabulous way for individuals and groups across all cultures to share time, energy and experiences by exchanging skills, knowledge and creativity. The sustainable self-build process empowers participants to build their own homes, communities and futures whilst reconnecting with nature.