What is Sustainable Building?

ThePOOSH.org is interested in increasing awareness of the way in which we currently build structures.

The key focuses for thePOOSH.org are: the resources that are used during the construction process, the materials that are used for the construction itself, the construction methods and techniques used, and the impact that structures have on the environment once built.


How do my daily actions and the resources that I use affect the local and global environment? 

ThePOOSH.org encourages its members to research a wide variety of building materials. Use locally sourced and sustainable materials which have a low impact on the environment.  Most of the time they are often considerably more affordable than what can be bought in stores. 

Consider materials that would otherwise be waste or 'trash'. Some examples include used car tires, glass bottles and aluminum cans.

Consider natural resources that are renewable in nature and have a low impact to the environment. Examples include timber, bamboo, earth, clay, and straw.

Always consider second-hand resources. Current building practices deem that materials be manufactured new and unused. Consquently, there are an overabundance of building resources available second-hand via recyling centres, reuse building stores, eBay, Craigslist, Gumtree and local newspapers. "One man's trash is another man's house."


ThePOOSH.org encourages its members to be conscious of the methods in which we build.

Modern building methods use finite resources which have a damaging effect on the environment. The use of power tools, motorised vehicles and electric-powered machinery should be used responsibly and consciously.  Sustainable building techniques do take longer and require more labour hours which is precisely why thePOOSH.org has been created! 


ThePOOSH.org encourages its members to build a structure that will continue to function in harmony with the land base in which it is built on.

This includes finding more efficient ways to use our resources. Examples include living roofs and passive solar. Creativity is encouraged!

Water is crucial to human life. Think about ways we can reuse water, catch rainwater or conserve water.

Heating systems are inefficient in most modern homes. Most modern homes are insulated poorly and are not built to retain the heat. Consider options like rocket mass heaters, which use a quarter of the wood a normal woodburning stove uses.