Tips for POOSHers

Often, sustainable self-build projects featured on are located in vast rural areas with limited telephone, internet and public transport connections. Always plan ahead and travel with suitable footwear, clothing and drinking water. Be free, but think a little also!

Be sure to inform other members of any unbalance to your health, pre-existing medical conditions or dietary requirements. When necessary, contact other members well in advance to inform them of any situation which may require a little extra planning.

Be polite and considerate of  build project hosts' ways of doing things. You are a guest in their home! Clean up after yourself and ask what you can do to help. More than often build project hosts will be busy with their build project and a POOSHer who is also prepared to cook and clean a little will be a welcoming relief!

Consider cultural differences and language barriers. Be respectful, clear and smile a lot! Work hard and ask questions. The best people for sustainable self-build projects to host are not only those that are willing and interested in the project, but also those that take an interest in the community spirit and values.

Look into VISA's before POOSHing. VISA's for crossing borders are entirely your responsibility and should be looked into prior to POOSHing!