Tips for Build Project Hosts

Welcome people!
Reconfirm to them that you invite them to stay with you and your family and any other POOShers that you may have staying with you.


Introduce family members!
This can be particularly fun when children meet people from new cultures who speak foreign languages!

Consider that many POOSHers may have been traveling all day. Invite them to use the bathroom and offer them a drink! Likewise, show them to their sleeping space so that they can unpack and rest if needed.


Show them around!
This may include your home and gardens. Explain how you manage your kitchen and what you expect of them in this regards. Discuss the local area and the activities that may be available. Although much of this will have been listed on your profile, it's often a nice "ice-breaker."


Discuss your sustainable self-build project!
It's the main reason you have connected. Many POOSHers will want to know how it's progressing and, of course, what they will be doing! Any photos that you have of the building process will not only make good conversation but also help the POOSHers to vision how you operate your project.


Ask questions!
Be interested in your POOSHers. Although the profiles on have been designed to maximise information, POOSHers will inevitably have other skills and interests that are helpful to your sustainable self-build.

Compost toilets? For the first-time user they can be an interesting experience! Be informative as to its function and the reasons why you use one. Share knowledge.

Electricity? Often, sustainable self-build projects will generate their own electricity. Although this may be a language you speak, for many, Watts, Volts and Amps is alien! If your supply is limited, let POOSHers know how much they can use by explaining clearly what and how often they can charge appliances.

Internet? Let POOSHers know if there is internet at your project, what the WI-FI codes are or if there is a shared computer that they can use.


Be yourself!
Be welcoming, inspiring and be clear with what you expect from POOSHers.
Be as open as possible and lead by example.