Promotional Tours wants to see as many natural and sustainable structures built on this planet as possible. In fact, our vision is that one day, sustainable will be implied in the term "construction." 

In the future, members of the 'POOSH' Team will continue to tour to promote natural and sustainable construction with the help of partnership sponsors, various grants and foundations and its global membership base. Our goals of touring coincide with the "grassroots" philosophy -- that is, focusing on a local level in a region. We hope to speak with people face-to-face, let our personalities shine and leave a trail of inspiration as we tour. 

We also do our best to tour in the most sustainable way possible. This often means hitch-hiking, bicyling, using waste veggie oil powered vechicles, wind powered boats, and other lower impact forms of transportation.

Thanks for your continued support and kind words. Together, we can make natural and sustainable building a practical and viable solution to one of human beings most crucial necessities -- shelter!