Meet the Team prides iteself on not only being a worldwide community, but also having a very worldly team - Estonia, Finland, United States of America, and Ukraine is where you will find us! 

Explore Global - Build Local!


Jim's head shotJames Self 
Co-Founder, Innovator and Social-Entrepreneur

James' motivation to establish was based upon a lifelong dream to self-build his own sustainable home. The only question and obstacle was how?!

"Discovering the documentary 'Garbage Warrior' opened my eyes to alternative sustainable self-build. It's incredible what information is available online and now I'm commited to developing my theoretical and practical skills through Look forward to POOSHin' with you someday soon!!”  - James


Eric's Head ShotEric Puro
 Co-Founder, Vocalizer, and Project Lead

Recently an advocate for poverty justice in America, he has switched missions to helping curb climate change and make this world a more sustainable place. The power of thousands creating more sustainable housing will certainly make a great impact on this earth.

“Want to make a lasting impact on this planet? Want to "be the change you want to see in this world?" Pick up a sledge hammer and get to work!" Eric


Micahel's head shotMichael Beck 
Social Media Outreach, Editing Especialista, and Former Earthship Resident

Michael Beck helped co-found back in 2012.  Since then he has been regularly practicing natural building and permaculture.  He is curently living in Kentucky developing a community land-based permaculture site.  He has been focusing on social media, outreach, promotion, writing & editing content, and newsletter development for community.

"The immense pleasure that you feel when you walk into a house that you built yourself is like no other feeling. It is one of the most basic and fulfilling accomplishments in human life!" Michael


Kendra's head shotKendra Hoffman 
Internal Process Advisor

Kendra brings a team of virtual admins, branding and marketing experts, writers and creative designers that she coordinates. Some of her relevant skills include vision extraction, business startup, program design, event planning, content management, team building, consulting, organizing systems, editing, and collaboration. She loves cooking, hiking, gardening, making up new words and travelling to infinity + beyond. Kendra is committed to the gift economy, radical honesty, regenerative permaculture and helping weirdos rule the world.


Xoch's head shotXochitl Marquez 
Community Engagement

Xochitl joined thePOOSH in 2015 to help build brand awareness, assist with content creation and customer engagement. She has a keen interest in developing solutions that are socially, environmentally and economically regenerable. During her free time, you can find her learning about natural building, dancing, hiking, xoch-a-lizing, and envisioning a sustainable future.



Yana's head shotYana Volkova
Graphic Designer

Yana has studied architecture for 5 years in university and is fond of everything about natural/local building. She is a graphic designer helping thePOOSH with promoting projects. The last 4 years she has been travelling to different places in Europe such as eco-villages and rural areas helping people and promoting volunteering for peace, arts, nature, voluntarism, and travel -- her biggest passions in life.