FAQs-Build Projects

Be energized and enthusiastic about your project! Lead by example and have a willingness to teach and be taught! ThePOOSH.org is like NO OTHER service, NGO, networking or hospitality site - take advantage of this unique opportunity to self-build efficiently!

Yes! However, there must not be a charge for participating. ThePOOSH.org's principal is that skills can and should be, shared between all community members- regardless of their financial situation. Host build projects must not directly gain financially from any profiles they list on thePOOSH.org. E.g. POOSHers must not be asked to contribute money to a build project. Food contributions are up to the build projects discretion.

No. That could be a lot of hosting! As a build project host you are able to view all the profiles of the POOSHers that contact you and accept a request from those who you feel will work well with you and your project! Think about what tasks you have going on throughout your project and inform those POOSHers of a more suited time in the future to contact you. It's important to keep POOSHers busy - try not to have too few on site so that big tasks can't be achieved but likewise, dont have too many POOSHers so that people are standing around!

That's fine. In the short term, situations for everyone change from time to time. Be courteous and inform them of any changes as soon as you can. If you feel you can no longer host long term, feel free to change the status of your POOSH build project listing to "No - I would not like volunteers to contact me." There is no need to delete your account as you may wish to use it in the future.

Obviously, there is no one answer for this! POOSHers can potentially be anyone from anywhere in the world! Exciting, no? It may be your friendly next door neighbour that you've known for years or possibly the neighbour that you've not ever spoken to! It may be a student taking time out from their studies or someone who is unemployed and looking to develop their skills. A retired person looking to remain active and share experience with others. It could be someone just like you who is planning a sustainable self-build but wishes to develop and practice a few low-impact building methods first! View profiles and connect with the right people for you! ThePOOSH.org is here to make it easier and more culturally interesting!

If you have specific skills and can teach them, why not?! The more you give thePOOSH.org community, the more you can expect to get out. Sharing and teaching with POOSHers is a way to increase both productivity and quality at your sustainable self-build project and inevitably help further others skills, knowledge and dreams with either future employment or sustainable builds of their own! Teaching can also be an exchange! Ever wanted to learn Spanish, Estonian or maybe even Japanese? Or to play in a drum circle or learn guitar? Now may be the opportunity and time!

Sometimes. ThePOOSH.org is for both skilled and unskilled volunteers! POOSHers are encouraged to enter their previous building experiences plus any relevant qualifications that they may have. Often with sustainable self-builds, the skills required (to cob, for example) are basic and can quickly be learned by anyone. However, it is possible that a qualified tradesperson may request to POOSH for you and assist with those pesky electrics, mind-puzzling plumbing or even the carpentry you are required to complete! View profiles, be open-minded and be willing to teach those that have a desire to learn.

It is not the responsiblity of thePOOSH.org to answer this for you! Contact the local authorities where you are building and discuss public liability with them. ThePOOSH.org does not take responsibility for any incidents that might happen on build projects. For further information, see our Terms of Service.

Local newspapers often list a variety of used building materials for free or affordable prices! This applies also to community advertising websites such as Craigslist and www.gumtree.co.uk. The online auction site Ebay can also be a valuable tool. For earthship builders, visit your local tire store to pick up free tires! Finally, many cities are now starting to re-use materials from demolished buildings. Search around for your local re-use store. Talk to a local farmer to obtain straw. Good materials are everywhere, be creative and resourceful.

Lead by example! Share literature and use locally sourced materials for both construction and meals. Provide information on train and bus services, ride shares and possible hitching locations. Be available to talk! Communication, especially at meal times, can be one of the best forms of informal learning! 

Admittedly, this can sometimes be seen as a grey area! Although thePOOSH.org does not lay down any 'hard rules,' we do suggest you always search for environmentally-friendly alternatives to conventional building. It is encouraged that there's an open dialogue between POOSHers and build project hosts about what is considered sustainable. If a POOSHer suggests a more sustainable way of carrying out a task, take this into consideration and talk about it! 

Unfortunately not. However, search the internet! There are many incentives and grants for building sustainably and for using renewable engery. Check out thePOOSH Veggie Promo Tour to see thePOOSH.org info on European Grants & Funding. As other parts of the world consider the benefits of sustainable building, more government money should become available. Additionally, consider that the money that would be spent on labour wages is hugely decreased when using thePOOSH.org!

ThePOOSH.org is aware that peoples' situations may vary and we understand this. However, it is worth considering that providing for extra people can sometimes work out more economically than you may at first think. Be creative with meals, try to grow your own produce, buy staples in bulk and reduce luxury items such as meats, dairy, alcohol and sweets. A balanced diet is essential for a happy and hard working labour force! Whether providing meals or not, always state so on your build project listing.

Nothing! ThePOOSH.org discourages payment in the form of currency. Instead, it is asked that you provide accomodation, food and drink in exchange for obtaining the volunteer help, expertise or company of a POOSHer you host. 

There is no fixed or compulsory fee to use thePOOSH.org as either a build project host or as a POOSHer. However, we do ask all members to consider donating to help further our cause. 

These are thePOOSH.org members who have a sustainable self-build project and are looking to obtain volunteer help. The volunteers who can help are known as POOSHers!