ThePOOSH Community

Reference System: is a community both on and offline.

An integral part of its community is that members vouch for one another, sharing experiences and advice to ensure safe measures are practised.'s reference system gives opportunity for its community members to leave honest references and by doing so empowers them to make informed decisions.


Internal Messaging System: Some members may appreciate more information before meeting face-to-face. In such instances, members have access to an internal messaging system where all online conversations are recorded and if necessary, can be used in emergency situations. empowers its members by enabling them to make informed decisions as to their involvement level within community. It is crucial that members practice common sense, listen to instinct and report any suspicious behaviour. is a networking channel devoted to connecting people. It does not, however, take responsibility for the individual actions for its members and highly encourages them to seek further information on safe working practice via the relevant government and local authority services.

Know your limits and look out for one another. See as does and share our vision that one day community-driven sustainable construction will simply be known as construction.