Martyn Newton's Memory cottage strawbale eco build

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Build Project Description

new 5 acre organic small holding in rural location outside Beccles in Suffolk. plan is to build a strawbale trial accomodation building in 2013 and 3 bed family house into south facing slope in 2014

Structure of My Build Project

Individual Builder (ie: Personal Home or Structure)

Building Styles Integrated

Rammed Earth
Earthship/used tires
Straw Bale
Recycled Materials
Local Materials
Round Wood
convienced by stawbale for insulation and rammed earth for internal mass still looking at other probable styles

Sustainable Systems Integrated

Solar Power
Rain Water Collection
Wind Power
Composting Toilets
Food system integration
Passive Solar Hot Water
wind turbine and solar PV depends on funds at end of project

What to Expect about Food

We will provide the food
organic smallholding with 9 chickens, 4 sheep and 2 pigs

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Current Building Status

Planning and Preparation

Type of Build Project

New Structure

Projected Start and End Dates

27 Sep 2012

Previous Building Experience

Have done strawbale, rammed earth and cob courses strawbale was in Banbury for a two storey office/workshop and was great course and learnt a lot and a finished building at the end that they are very pleased with. rammed earth was at CAT and cob course in Norfolk and learnt a lot

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Type of Volunteer Being Looked for

all types prepared to muck in. if we go for rammed tires strong with stamina

The Number of POOSHers Desired

5 POOSHers


sean beasley's picture

let me know when you need volunteers for the build.
nat palit's picture


I'd be interested in helping out this summer. Please get in touch and keep me updated as to when you need volunteers. 

Kat McKenzie's picture

Well, I'm very interested. Hopefully we can intern, with food and shelter until that 3 bedroom is available. (work for rent) We mostly just want to help out and pick up a skill while making good friends. we are interested in trying to help ourselves financially along with the planet, physically. it's, well,  "green". We hope to live long term, our ultimate goal is to eventually open something in the netherlands.. Let us know what we could do.
mike nowell's picture

I'm interested in helping out if this project is still going.
frankie barbo's picture

i would like to get involve with this project please get in contact i would like to volunteer
David Allen's picture

 I'll be in the area from the beginning of August. Will you need any help?
Yours David Allen
jennie debenham's picture

Hey there,

I would love to help on your project , would you need any volunteers during December?


ANTONIO RATO's picture

Hi there!! I love your project.  would you be needing any volunteers during july or fisrt fortnight of august?  Please let me know, if you do need any Pooshers during that time ...   Cheers...
James Marlow's picture


Is the project finished? If it isnt I'd be interested in volunteering. I live in Barsham so could easly drop by and see how things are.

Warm Regards

Yamina Nater's picture

I am planning on traveling though the E.U. and U.K. this fall and would love to help out with your project. I am a fast learner and a hard worker and am very much interested in sustainable, tiny home living. I look forward to hearing from you.
Hedrek Tom-Baird's picture


Very interested in helping with the build.

Let me know what help you still need,

With thanks,

Kerry Brooks's picture

Hi, I'm not sure if you still look on this site or if your project is still underway? If you are interested in getting help let me know! Thanks, Kerry
Emma Johnson's picture

Hi there, Dan & myself are really interested in getting involved with your project if you are looking for any help at the moment. We are currently staying with my parents nearby in Sudbury, and will be available from January 2015. Cheers :)  p.s. we have a lot of stamina. 
Tom Scholey's picture

Hi, are you still building anything and looking for any help? :)
MY Link's picture

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