Update on thePOOSH Team!

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The time has come for an update on the lives of thePOOSH.org Team!

Jim and Maarja are currently in Estonia busy with a new non-profit they've founded called Eco-Nomics which focuses on decreasing costs as opposed to chasing after more money. They've recently put on some free workshops on building solar panels from reclaimed materials!

Eric, Loren and I have been "bombing" (to use a Portuguese-English term...it means something akin to working really hard) on the tirewall thatched-roof yoga studio for the last months. The project is being put on pause as a result of not having collected quite enough caniso (water reed) but will be resumed in the winter when we can collect more!Natural building in Portugal

Eric recently traveled north with the Finnish goddess Satu, where he is visiting his family in the homeland of Finland. He plans to do some traditional Finnish natural building and will (hopefully!) send some photos of his adventures. Additionally, Eric will be focusing on making thePOOSh.org more interactive in its on and offline community.

Loren is considering options to learn the practical art of sailing which, in our opinion, is the one of the only conscious and sustainable ways to cross an ocean. Loren also has plans to focus a bit on thePOOSH.org development and, hopefully, we can get a groups function working so that thePOOSH community can discuss topics in a forum-type layout.

As for me? I will be heading down south along the coast of Sintra to Terra Alta, a beautiful piece of land where there will be three consecutive courses: a rocket-mass heater build, a permaculture design course and a Canyaviva dome build. I will be taking the permaculture course and immediately afterwards heading to Andancas festival to promote thePOOSH.org with April, who might be doing some community outreach for thePOOSH! Additionally, I hope to improve our social media as and try some new ideas out as soon as we get some graphic design help.

All things considered, we are a busy group! The last few months have been wonderful and it inspires and motivates me to continue to see thePOOSH.org community flower and grow with each passing day!

Keep in touch with us to see further developments, get some inspiration to join a natural building project or champion your own and don't hesitate to contact us -- we love to interact with this community!!

Until next time, Michael and thePOOSH Team.


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