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Eric Puro's picture now has over 20,000 members around the world helping each other to build locally, learn natural building skills, and share these skills with each other.  Together, we, thePOOSH community, represent the global movement toward self-built local/sustainable/regenerative building.  Let’s take this to the next level! team has a plan to grow this site and match the growth of this movement.  We are currently launching a fundraising campaign in order to raise $6,000 to assist these initial plans. 





For the past four years, we have relied on the gift economy and donations to keep this project alive.  This strategy has done just that - kept it alive.  We got around $20 a week in donations on average, which kept the lights on but not much else.  As volunteers managing this project, we feel restrained in our ability to respond to the changing environments surrounding this movement.  


It is time for to no longer just survive, but to grow sustainably in order to empower and support you, the global network of resilient builders.


Our team will come together this Winter 2016/17 to work on many beneficial projects and additional services for thePOOSH community. This $6,000 fundraising campaign will empower us to do so.  We will;

  1. Develop a financially sustainable model so we won’t have to ask for money again.
  2. Clean up our website code to ensure that crucial services (like the map) won't crash.
  3. Pay for our server fees for another year.
  4. Build relationships with our members and facilitate relationships between POOSHers.
  5. And listen to your suggestions on where this project should go next!  - Stay posted for a survey.

Get excited!  We sure are! 


Build Local, Explore Global

thePOOSH.or Team

Eric, Xoch, Kendra, Michael Beck, Yana, and Jim


Christine Baker's picture

I think it's great what you're doing here!  One problem I see is the SPAM and I think you should charge a few bucks for membership just like WWOOF, HelpX etc.  It definitely keeps the spam out and it could be very cheap, $5 or so, would give you some money to operate too.My profile is full of spam and I don't know how to delete it.

Michael Beck's picture

Christine, thanks a lot for the feedback. We are looking extensively into this option and it is a real possibility this is what we will do in the near future. SPAM nightmares keep me up at night! Ha, not really, but it has been really frustrating dealing with the SPAM and the negative feedback it generates -- we are working on it, trust us!! Thanks for the constructive words. I'll personally delete the SPAM on your account. :) Cheers. 

Ilka Pia Claren's picture

You guys are doing a wonderful and valuable job! Thank you so much, natural builders all around the world appreciate it! Much love from Germany! Ilka

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