How Change my Life - Guest Post by POOSHer Henri Lokki (Finland)

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Let's get this strait from the beginning - my journey with has been life changing.  I feel that I have learned so much and met so many people full of life that it has shifted my understanding of the world to a whole different level.  But in order to bring you to the same page with me, and to give you a glimpse on how fitting I find thePOOSH to be in solving some of the acute difficulties we face today in our world, let me start with my very own situation some years ago.

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There I was, a 24 year old university student in Finland.  I had awakened into an understanding that I needed to teach myself some real skills - skills that would help me to survive how ever badly the shit hit the fan.  You know, gardening, hunting and gathering, basics on building etc.  So I designed myself a learning pathway as holistic I could imagine.  I would travel places to meet and study with people who knew stuff.  Soon it dawned on me that traveling is quite expensive and to find the people who actually were doing stuff were not that easy to find.  Also, I kinda had this notion that I was alone in this mission of mine (well then again, Finland isn't exactly at the leading edge of alternative culture).

Then, out of the blue as I was doing some WWOOFing in Portugal, I happened to meet up with these American folks who called themselves POOSHers.  I got asked to go see their building project nearby.  As I arrived, I heard this great music (bluegrass as I was soon to learn), saw these strange people thatching a water reed roof on top of a round building that looked like it just came from the ground underneath my feet.  And there was joy in the air.  I could hear laughter.  Just walking into the building site I could tell that here there were people acting out from a place of love deep within.

To learn that there were projects like this (people building with natural materials and helping out to create beautiful and functional buildings), that there was a whole global network of similarly minded people and that I'd be welcomed to join - just blew my mind.  I think I fell in love!

ThePOOSH network kinda solved all these problems I was facing at once;

  1. I could learn the skills and meet the people I was yearning to learn and meet,
  2. I could travel cheaper and in a more meaningful way since I could volunteer and in exchange get free accommodation and food (among so many other things),
  3. I also realized that I was far from being alone - actually I was part of a global movement for a better planet.

This really inspired me to venture deeper into a world

of being part of the solution, not the problem.

sheep wool insulation
The deal thePOOSH kinda gives out is a real game changer.  In addition to helping us to learn all these skills while having an amazing time and meeting the most inspiring people, thePOOSH is doing a great favor for humankind by connecting people and helping us reconnect with our surroundings in a way deeper level than you might expect.

So, ever since these experiences I have been building with natural materials and at the same time transforming my life bit by bit to be more aligned with the life I find worth living and most beneficial for this planet and Life itself.  To me, being part of community has proven to be way more valuable than my studies at university or course I have taken on various topics. 

Thanks to thePOOSH, I have now built my own house (and saved some hundreds

of thousands or Euros and a life-long mortgage), been part of many beautiful

projects around the world, and I can go to bed every night with a feeling that

I've already managed to spread that very same contagious inspiration that

comes from acting on behalf of all beautiful things.

I wish you all a great journey and trust that you will find POOSHing as inspiring as I have.  Big thanks and Big Up to!

- Henri Lokki (POOSH member since 2013)


Thanks Henri for your great story - if you have one of your own send it to us via the contact page.


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Send us your stories of positive experiences on  They might be featured!  Have fun building everyone!!

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