Eric Puro Eric

Eric Puro has worked in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors after graduating from Indiana University with degrees in Economics, Philosophy, and Technology Management.  These experiences have meshed nicely with his constant strive toward sustainable living, and more specifically sustainable construction, which allowed him to co-found  He is passionate about seeing more sustainable houses built on this earth, and is regularly known to pick up a sledge hammer, pick axe, or a handful of cob to see this through.  



James Self Jim

James Self graduated from the University of Derby with BA Honours Marketing Management. Tired of 'management talk' he worked up to 80hr weeks rigging marques in order to fund a trip to Latin America. On return, James worked for a global industry publication speaking regularly with CEO's and MD's of leading oil & gas companies. Needless to say, this industry created a moral dilemma for James and during another extensive trip to The Americas, he further developed his understanding of sustainable living and realised the importance of sustainable building. It was during this trip that James met Eric through the hospitality site Couchsurfing and the two schemed James has sustainable building experience through many European countries and plans to self-build an Earthship hostel spring 2014 in Estonia. In 2012 James participated in a number of youth and sustainable development focused European Union supported projects and seminars. He can be contacted for any media enquirees.